The Integrated Newsroom concept

Newsasset supports the whole life-cycle of news assets: from planning, through to gathering, selecting, creating and editing and finally to producing, cross publishing and archiving. Hence, its Integrated newsroom module becomes the central hub of all editorial teams.



All - in - One solution

An All – in One system covers all internal, user generated, web accrued or wired multimedia assets, all types of workflow and all news asset management activities, via a friendly, industry-standard compliant interface. Workflow is flexible and configurable.

Supports all types of content

Channel independent content and support for a wide range of formats make newsasset ideal for cross-channel publishing. Assets can be combined as Multimedia Stories for enhanced multimedia production.


Powerful messaging tools

Messaging within newsasset is managed by the Chat Server. This purpose built engine caters for message exchange, link sharing of assets and also contains an advanced alert-based notification system.

Automated content reception

As per content feed, enhanced automated reception of news assets from multiple media, sources and wires is available, using a configurable engine for ingesting news assets (files) from any source, delivery channel and format.


Newsasset cooperates with widely used tools (MS Word, Open office, Photoshop), is based on Industry Standards (IPTC, ANPA, NewsML, EventsML) and features serial port capability.

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