Publishers reach audience across all channels

Our focused multichannel distribution tools cover the widely differentiated needs of media audiences by supporting both mobile and web publishing, as well as user feedback and participation, whether structured, moderated or not.



For example, journalists and editors work on a flexible, simplified and channel independent editor/pagination environment, where they can easily preview news items or articles before the layout process even starts, getting a completely up-to-date “WYSIWYG” rendering of text and graphic contents.Through the editorial interface, work progress at the layout stage can be monitored real time for multiple issues & publications.

Newsasset provides one single gateway for content distribution

The Group Portal becomes the gateway to all services and products, offering state-of –the-art functionality, smart search and web marketing capabilities. Chosing our cross channel publishing tools you will finally break the hard limits of own content by merging the news flow into digital social media, thus leveraging on shared and dynamic on-line generated content. All popular Web 2.0 features and social platforms are supported to address the emerging needs of on-line users, social networkers and the media world. Integration with other existing CMSs can be implemented upon customer request.


Content delivery for mobile

Content delivery is supported for mobile native applications as well as customized web mobile solutions, along with new generation e-readers (i-pad, e-book). Moreover, newsasset Publishing Edition features its own mobile native applications for delivery via industry-standard channels (e.g App Store).

Easy for your readers too

Your end customers can easily integrate feeds in their environment, either via web services (pull and push model) or by subscribing to RSS news feeds which are automatically updated. Podcasting is also supported, providing them with an easy way of getting series of digital media files (either audio or video) which they can reproduce at any time.

And much more

Structured news content delivery for broadcasting is supported via a variety of channels including satellite, FTP, e-mail and serial ports.

Digital signage is also supported, for merging news publishing, infotainment and advertisement in large LCD screens in public areas, expanding available revenue streams of media organizations.

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