Newsasset Publishing is an integrated editorial digital asset management & distribution system for publishers

Cover all areas of multi-media news production and cross-media publishing, while streamlining the enterprise workflow. Advanced Editorial & Issue planning, tracking, enhanced workflow, automatic layout and seamless cross-publishing of multimedia news from one system.



Intuitive, all-in-one, feature-rich system

Redefine the publishing and distribution workflow, providing an integrated platform for all newsrooms, titles and users, a centralised environment to manage and store all multimedia assets.

Newsasset brings publishing to today's digital era, helping publishers reach a broader audience.

Contect can be diffused, not only into print media, but also into digital channel, including web portals, mobile news readers, tablet applications and all popular social media, without need for additional effort or resources.



Simplified and automated publishing workflows of newspapers and magazines

The innovation of the suite lies on the simplified and automated publishing workflows of newspapers and magazines, from the stage of content creation/capturing or archiving to final page layout and multi-channel publishing (web and mobile editions), with only one click, leading to significant operational cost reduction.

Crash-tested in an Olympic Games environment

Employing state-of-the-art technology, Newsasset is based on an open architecture and complies fully with media industry standards.

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