Webasset is the CMS for you

Webasset is our Content Management platform that provides advanced capabilities for the creation, management and publishing of dynamic content, featuring advanced CMS and e-commerce capabilities. With minimum web hosting requirements, cross – browser/multilingual administration interface, enhanced security features and full statistical analysis.



The content management platform that expands your digital presence

Used either as a standalone web content management system for enterprise purposes or as a web content delivery platform for news and media organizations, it allows personalization and seamless delivery of content across multiple channels – whether it is a website, mobile application, social media or an e-commerce catalogue.

Easy to use, modular environment

Webasset interconnects with 3rd party systems based on its open architecture, allowing you to leverage existing investments to improve the re-use existing resources and extend the value of existing systems. Ready to create multilingual portals, for you to localize your website in targeted market language and explore modern social community networks.

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