Personnalized content to fuel engaging user experiences

In today’s business world, success in marketing campaigns, customer retention, supporting thought leadership strategies and even in sales stimulation, is closely related to delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time. Hence, either it’s about your web site’s visitors or the newsletter sent to existing client base, content personalization provides an engaging user experience.

Marketing and Sales teams have now the ability to fuel such an experience by leveraging technology tools to deliver relevant content to the appropriate stakeholders, both internal and external.

Content synthesis and grouping should not be dealt with skepticism since the available solutions allow them to easily gather, store, manage, route, track, retrieve and distribute any type of multimedia content, either to the internal or external environment of the organization, always safely and on time!

Infoasset platform seamlessly aggregates multimedia content from both offline and online sources, filter and categorize it according to the organization’s business logic. In fact, rules can be set to collect content from a variety of sources including web sites, newswires, social networks, even from indexing services.

Content can be tailored and rendered to suit specific audiences (i.e. public, client or topic specific, subscription) and then be automatically published to multiple channels (incl. web pages, email, mobile apps and hardcopy). Just think - your clients could specify areas of interest in order to receive content and news that is tailored for them without you having to do nothing but a few clicks!