infoasset is the ideal tool for Pharmaceutical marketing professionals

We are pleased to support the Greek Company of Pharmaceutical Marketing (EEFAM) and the 10th Pharmaceutical Marketing Conference , held in Athens, Greece , from 10 to 12 February 2016.

During the event, infoasset will be showcased, as the ideal, integrated content management platform, a unique, fully scalable and customizable tool to support multichannel relation and content-based marketing strategies.

Infoasset platform fully meets the diverse needs of any organization for

  • brand and media monitoring
  • brand management & thought leadership
  • corporate publishing
  • internal information flow
  • sales network update and training
Especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals, infoasset can be found very helpful for distributing news, generic information or specialized training material to medical representatives or healthcare professionals via mobile app, email or other channel, and with a single click! Content collected from various sources, all properly configured to meet the commercial objectives of each organization, but also to add new value for both the healthcare professional and the patient.