Truly Media and Truthnest platforms in ECI event

Athens Technology Center (ATC), our parent company, based on its extensive experience in providing integrated solutions for the media industry, will be presenting Truly Media and TruthNest platforms that address the phenomenon of fake news during the event held by the European Communications Institute (ECI) in Athens, on May 3rd. 

More specifically, the workshop is co-organized by ECI, the European Parliament Office in Greece, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation and the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency in order to examine, inter alia, the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning into tackling fake news as well as the Greek "weapons" that have been developed for this purpose. 

Truly Media platform, which Amnesty International already uses to confirm reports of human rights violations, has a dominant role in this field, is an application for collecting, organizing and assessing the reliability of information in the social media. Similarly, TruthNest is a Twitter-based content analysis application that provides users with useful information that can help them assess the reliability of information and resources.