The Key to Being Heard in Brussels | event invitation

Prof. Ed Peelen, Content Marketing professor at the University of Amsterdam will present on 17 December the results of his Content Marketing Survey 2018 among 350 leading companies in the Netherlands.  This will also be an opportunity to discover the benefits of becoming a thought leader and explore how infoasset can assist you in this.

Join us on Monday, December 17th, 2018 [11.00 - 12.15], at Press Club Brussels Europe, Rue Froissart 95 - 1040 Brussels.

Session 1 - Learnings from the latest content marketing survey in the NL and how they apply to Brussels

Ed Peelen, Prof. Content Marketing at the University of Amsterdam

  • Essentials of successful content marketing; the state of the art insights and how they can be applied in your world.
  • Where do we stand? Where do we succeed, and where can we improve? The results from the survey
  • Recommendations

Session 2 - Infoasset, the fast track to becoming a thought leader

Gregor K├╝pper, Content Marketing advisor for ATC , the company that built infoasset, the European content marketing platform

  • Why become a thought leader?
  • How become one - the steps, the challenges, the technology

The event will be moderated by Florence Ranson, RedComms and Honorary Board Member of EACD

It promises to be an eye opening and remarkable event.

Registration required at secretary[at]