4th Media of the Future International Conference| wrap up

A few weeks ago, the Polish Press Agency (Poland’s national news agency), hosted the 4th International Conference ‘Media of the Future‘, in Poland. This year’s event focused on the impact of new technologies on today’s newsrooms, and how they can help media professionals deal with global emergencies, disinformation and fake news.

We were honored to participate in this significant event and share our views on challenges that the European news and journalistic organizations face, deriving from our extensive expertise in designing & providing novel solutions for media organizations, journalists & fact-checkers.

In this context, our very own Mrs. Evi Varsou, Media & CMS Solutions Director, gave an insightful keynote speech on methods and tools available for news agencies to tackle the disinformation phenomena.

Check the key takeaways from our presentation during this year’s Future Media International Conference in the video you will find here!