Amnesty International will use Truly Media to fight misinformation

Amnesty International is now using Truly Media during its every day operations, in order to verify information related to human rights violations. Mrs. Tirana Hassan, Amnesty International's Crisis Response Director pointed out the positive experience during testing the platform: "In partnership with leading universities around the world, our Digital Verifications Corps has already put us at the vanguard of the digital revolution in human rights research. We are confident that our collaboration with Truly Media will take this crucial work to the next level.”

This partnership was formally announced during the STOA Annual Lecture 2017 in Brussels on November 21st by Wilfried Runde (DW) and Yannis Kliafas (ATC).

As Yiannis Kliafas, General Manager of ATC, stated: “Truly Media incorporates ATC's 15+ years of experience in the media field news. We applied state of the art technologies and worked with journalists - including DW - and representatives of human rights organizations to develop and test the platform. Truly Media has already been integrated with newsasset Suite, the cloud based editorial, digital asset management & multichannel publishing platform.”

STOA Head of Unit, Greek MEP Eva Kaili, mentioned: "Truly Media is an impressive tool that helps journalists and human rights organizations to fight misinformation. It is great that European Research funding has been a trigger and helped to create such a promising platform. I also believe that politics can benefit from using new technologies to prevent a reputation crisis in elections around the world. "

With Truly Media, media professionals as well as human rights organizations can exploit a set of advanced digital tools for verifying news (whether text, images or videos) as they are shared directly in social media, in real time, allowing their people to cooperate across the globe.

DW Director Peter Limbourg welcomed the fact that the new software platform can support human rights organizations in their important work: "Truly Media supports the detection of misinformation and manipulations online, and does so in an efficient way. Developing Truly Media is proof of DW’s capabilities for innovative solutions in this domain, too. The fact that Amnesty International will be using the platform makes us proud, and it proves that there is a real demand for Truly Media."