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Customizable prototypes and schedule templates to create daily news programs

TV and radio station programs are displayed on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. As an open system, newsasset allows the integration of multiple broadcasting channels with existing 3rd party autocue and newsroom systems (MOS protocol)

Everyday work is greatly simplified

You can now easily create auto formatted copies of program scripts, items and schedules, while printing or sending program rundowns, displaying topics, duration, order, presenter

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Improved time to broadcast operational efficiency

The platform greatly improves cross department workflow compatibilities, saving organizations time & money. It’s equipped with all the necessary tools for the integration of news production and workflow management, and provides access to a common production database

Enhanced search functionalities

A separate search interface for archived program items provides enhanced searching functionalities, by channel, program type, status (open or closed), program date, program time and patterns

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Integrated newsroom management for all activities of media organizations, including unified production workflows for radio & TV, print, web, mobile and tablet publishing.

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All the publishing and broadcasting channels of your organization have access to a common multimedia database. Moreover, a view of program schedules, programs and news items is available via a customizable windows environment.

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Include broadcast specific details like headline, reporter, presenter, program order and owner, to all news items. Advanced text processing, combined with estimated news reading duration. Effortless integration with any existing news transmission automation software (e.g export content to autocue).

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Designed to support common functionalities across news-broadcasting organizations, newsasset Suite provides a system with broad market appeal, resulting in significant cost savings to our customer.


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