Store and tag your work in a rational manner for future use

Our digital management tools structure all your assets providing advanced functionalities for centralized storage, searching and managing of multimedia content, whether user-generated, purchased, web accrued, or wired via a flexible and smart query builder, with a user friendly interface

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You can now easily locate and exploit archived material, link associated objects combined with categorizing and storing of new content. Relationships marked on any content or news item you have saved can be applied both manually or be automatically, through import, archive or check-in processes.

Smart search filters are easily composed and applied

Using simple criteria like file type, status or tags, each user simply “drags and drops” each selected item to his workspace. Consolidation of system filters is supported and filter-specific notifications can be defined by each user.

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Controlling usage rights of digital material is important

Every slide and all footage stored can be flagged with its region and/or time license, its right type, and with the campaigns where the material has been previously used. Hence, managing your digital assets via our focused tools minimizes the risks of repurchases or fines.

Keep track of your work
When a task is finished, your work is flagged, classified and stored.
Loss of previous versions is eliminated via the advanced versioning capabilities of the system.


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