Institute of Communication Case Study

Benefits for Institute of Communication
  • Store and classify assets in a rational manner for effective searching
  • Easy, massive import of multimedia content with their metadata to archive
  • Adverting industry stakeholders will gradually gain access to the archive
  • Engage the online community of advertisers
The insights behind the project

The Institute of Communication (IoC) is an NGO established in November 2002 as part of the effort to bring together the professional and academic sphere of communication and advertising industries in Greece.

One of its key goals is to preserve and study the evolution of the advertising and communication sectors in Greece, along with the trends met throughout the years in these fields, in correlation with the corresponding socio-economic and political reality.

Under this scope, IoC was asking for a way to categorize, archive and manage a vast wealth of digitized magazines, publications, listings, radio and television spots from the 1940 to the present.

What we did for the client

We exploited the modular structure of infoasset, our proprietary platform that fully supports multimedia content management and content marketing activities, and provided IoC with a complete digital asset management system to safely store and manage all necessary text, image, graphics, audio, and video files.

Specifically, the core of the project was the storage, classification, search and management functionalities of infoasset platform. The platform’s digital management tools allow IoC to structure all its assets, offering advanced functionalities for centralized storage, searching and managing of multimedia content, via a flexible and smart query builder, with a user friendly interface.

The Institute of Communication (IoC) can now easily locate and exploit archived material, link associated objects combined with categorizing and storing of new content. Content can be categorized according to thematic groups, file type etc. Relationships marked for any item can be applied both manually or automatically, through import, archive or check-in processes.

Last but not least, within the project’s scope, we developed a special mechanism of “bulk importing” image, audio and video files, along with their metadata.

The outcome

The ultimate goal of this IoC initiative is for adverting industry stakeholders to gradually gain access to this archive content, which was initially exceeding 12,000 records. System users will be able to navigate through the entire archive of IoC through a secure UI, by combining a variety of search criteria such as the title and the contributors of an ad campaign, its release date and its variations, the file type, keywords, logical operators etc. It is estimated that in the autumn of 2018, the vast majority of files will be available for any interested party to explore.