PAP Case Study

Benefits for Polish Press Agency
  • Unified, robust platform to create, manage and distribute news content via multiple channels
  • Categorization and classification based on IPTC standards
  • Implement a system with reasonable TCO
The insights behind the project

Polish Press Agency (PAP) is the single largest source of news from Poland with over 250 reporters and 40 photojournalists delivering accurate and comprehensive news to leading media outlets, government and financial institutions, investors and entrepreneurs in and outside of Poland.

A thorough analysis showed that the PAP needed support for significantly high usage volumes in terms of users and of handled content. Moreover, they were looking for a single, easy to use, platform for handling all types of multimedia to secure operational improvement, along with reliable remote access capabilities for regional corresponders.

What we did for the client

In 2008, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) selected newsasset platform (Agency edition), and replaced the old editorial system (KWAZAR) with a common Content Hub that converges editorial production for Print, Digital, Radio, TV and News Agencies and fully supports the production, management and distribution of news.

A specialized Events module played a vital role for PAP users to handle all news stories planning process. Via this module, the users have the ability to assign Events to Departments and People, accompanied with the capability to monitor news production according to deadlines set. In addition, users had the chance to exploit sophisticated technology for searching, retrieving, filtering, shorting, previewing and monitoring digital and news assets across the platform.

Several APIs used to allow integration with other existing systems and a web access subsystem was implemented, providing full editorial and news coverage functionality even remotely.

The outcome

PAP teams now enjoy a complete and secure system for management, delivery and storage, of sensitive information, handling large volumes of data in various forms, while also exploiting events handling and news planning process. Moreover, newsasset platform allows PAP teams to meet the demands of both traditional customers and electronic media, since it supports powerful content reception and automated distribution to multiple channels.

Last but not least, the PAP acquired a system with reasonable TCO; an agile, open architecture platform, fully expandable to meet any additional future requirement, that ensures a quick return on the investment and its long lasting duration.

As Mr Ryszard Niżewski, Head of the Operational Committee of said, “we [i.e. PAP] were very satisfied with the customer- oriented attitude in our everyday cooperation. The newsasset editorial IT system allows PAP’s journalists, editors and sales staff not only to make full use of IPTC metadata, but also to develop our internal workflow with all of its traditions, habits and new ideas. Our partners are always ready and eager to help us in creating new functionalities and new possibilities. When we look for new solutions, we can be sure that they will understand our needs perfectly.”