Peloponnisos Case Study

Benefits for Peloponnisos newspaper
  • Unified platform to create, manage and distribute news content
  • Significantly reduce production time and improve appearance quality
The insights behind the project

Peloponnisos newspaper entered dynamically regional press and Patra’ s area in 1886, as the first daily newspaper circulated to provincial Greek town.

Its 125th anniversary in 2011 was a turning point in the newspaper’s evolution; its daily material was enriched and renewed, its weekend issues were significantly strengthened and acquired distinct identities, while its Sunday edition was totally revamped.

In order to do so, the newspaper was looking to incorporate a distinct online presence within the publication process, while securing its smooth transition to a modern publishing model.

Moreover, they needed to cope with the demands of this new era, i.e. specialized content production process per channel etc., since, as a regional newspaper, they were facing difficulties finding high-skilled staff for each communication channel.

What we did for the client

Peloponnisos newspaper proceeded to the radical reorganization of its information system, selecting newsasset Publishing Edition, seeking for solutions that could combine the print with online presence, by offering an integrated intervention worthy of its history and the journalistic ethos and style that characterize the organization.

The Integrated newsroom concept that newsasset platform provides, secured the joint creation, management and distribution of primary news content for each outlet, via a single editorial team, with no special skills. In addition, the Layout Director module bridged the integrated newsroom team and the production department (i.e. layout process) through interactive features and automatic paging processes.

Furthermore, the newspaper’s editorial teams can now access a single filing system, with unique tools for quick searching, sorting, selecting and retrieving any content form. Last but not least, newsasset Publishing Edition provides them with real time, dynamic content update capabilities, in all distribution channels, with one click.

The outcome

Peloponnisos newspaper has by now enjoyed significant reduction of the production process steps and times while improving its digital appearance quality. Editorial teams access a unified archiving system, with enhanced search filters, that leads to full and speedy productive exploitation of different digital and news assets.

Last but not least, the organization has acquired a solution that ensures a quick return on the investment and its long lasting duration, since it’s an agile, open architecture platform, that is fully expandable to meet any additional future requirement.

All the above are signed off by Mr. Theodoros Louloudis, CEO of Peloponnisos newspaper, who said that “newsasset Publishing came exactly the time we needed it, since we were at a breaking point of having to streamline operations while working for a totally revised content and style. Newsasset became an integral part of our publication process since news distribution to either print or online edition was made possible with just one click!.“