TAP Case Study

Benefits for Tunisian Press Agency
  • Radically transform and restructure TAP’s editorial workflow
  • A single, easy to use, platform for handling all types of multimedia
  • Remote access for data input
  • Multilingual UI
The insights behind the project

Tunisian Press Agency (TAP), founded in 1961, is the only news agency in the country. It provides local and international news on a 24x7 basis, in 3 languages (arabic, french, english). Globally, the agency produces an average of 250 dispatches daily, while also having to manage an archive of more than 500,000 photos dating back to the 1930s.

The Agency needed to replace all existing infrastructure that handled the production, management, & distribution of news. They needed a consolidated IT backbone system that would secure reliability and speed in the transmission of high volumes of news, as the Agency disposes a delegation of correspondents and regional offices in the main cities of Tunis.

What we did for the client

In 2014 the Agency entrusted the newsasset Agency Suite, ATC’s integrated solution purposely developed to cover all editorial and commercial operations of a news agency. Newsasset Agency Edition is a proved, robust and user-friendly system that integrated TAP’s editorial functions and streamlined daily workflows, including multimedia management, news planning, multi-channel distribution and powerful sales capabilities. Furthermore, the platform combines a sophisticated search technology for searching, retrieving, filtering, shorting, previewing and monitoring not only in the organization archive assets but generally to the whole system (i.e. news items, events, parameters).

Within the project’s scope, ATC secured the effective data migration from previous systems and trained administrators and system users to the multilingual UI of the system. In addition, onsite support was provided during and after the “go live” phase. Moreover, ATC also helped the Agency’s rebuild it public web portal (free and subscribers) and its mobile applications, using webasset CMS.

The outcome

The Tunisian Press Agency (TAP) now runs on simplified processes, since there is a single sign on point for all operations, while the system is built under a unified logical concept and layout for all business functions. Furthermore, labor and production costs were significantly reduced mainly due to the simplified system maintenance requirements.

As per “quality of service” and future benefits, the Agency enjoys new revenue streams potentials, supported by new services and multimedia products along with the ability to address a diversified customer base. All these are based on simplified and centralized distribution processes, on the standardization of the News items classification (IPTC standards) and the fact that teams are much faster and more reactive over events, while being able to manage high usage volumes, as in terms of users and of handled content.

Mr. Hichem Zammali, from IT department of TAP, stated that “The system will inter-connect the different production and editorial services and the regional offices through an integrated multimedia system. It will now be possible for the news agency to develop and diversify its production and therefore be in tune with the age of multimedia. In addition, the new system will boost the activity of the marketing service by offering to demanding customers a range of media production that meets their specific needs and demands.”