Malaysian News Agency BERNAMA selects newsasset

Malaysian National News Agency BERNAMA has chosen newsasset platform as the central system for producing, distributing, and storing news content. Newsasset platform is the integrated system for creating and managing news content and is being trusted by major agencies worldwide, such as the Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency (ANA-MPA), the one of Cyprus (CNA), of Tunisia (TAP), of Poland (PAP), of Vietnam (VNA) and the Portuguese (LUSA).

More specifically, and following an international competition between 20 companies, newsasset platform was selected by the Malaysian National News Agency BERNAMA as the central system for the production, distribution and storage of news content in four (4) languages (Malaysian, English, Chinese and Tamil). Newsasset platform is going to replace a number of applications and platforms that made up the BERNAMA production system to date, covering all the agency’s activities.

By choosing newsasset, BERNAMA will acquire a unique and integrated news content management system, with a central production and distribution system as well as an enhanced digital management module, allowing it to solve its various problems arising from the use of multiple different systems.

In addition, newsasset will allow the rapid production of content from anywhere in the world and from any device, so that it can be used by both the agency’s journalists and its correspondents abroad. Indicatively, it is estimated that newsasset will support the smooth cooperation of more than 1,000 journalists and the formation of more than 11,000 news items per month, which will be shared with approximately 8,000 recipients through BERNAMA subscription services. At the same time, all this content volume will be safely stored in high resolution for long-term and secure archiving.

As part of the project, we have set up a central Multimedia Newsroom that supports all of the agency’s news services, including local, financial, and international news services, as well as photo, audiovisual, and other media services, incl. radio and television news program. The adoption of a converged newsroom model will allow the agency’s journalists and correspondents to provide content directly to all official BERNAMA news channels (Wires, Portal, IPTV / TV, Print Media, Radio and Social Media).