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An ideal solution for press office, marketing teams and PR agencies, HR & Internal communications departments and even Business Development executives! You can now easily gather, store, manage, route, track, retrieve and distribute any type of multimedia content, securely and on time!

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Media & Brand

Collect and thematically classify various data flow in line with the organization's business logic

Map corporate image via sentiment analysis of brand references, create and share reports

Confirm validity of mentions

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 Cooperation with external associates

Common working environment with associates including advertising and PR agencies to mass media, etc.

Complete and secure environment for storage, management and delivery of ‘sensitive’ or non-sensitive information, allowing the search of archival material through easy-to-use filters and multiple criteria

Ability to integrate with inbound marketing and CRM platforms

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 HR & Internal Communications

Share information and training material, run ‘knowledge and recall tests’ with just a few clicks via multiple outlets (intranet, mobile app, newsletters and more

Create printed editions and reports at minimum cost

Create & share personalized new hire information packages

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 Brand Management & Thought Leadership

Easy, fast creation and distribution of press releases, industry reports, white papers and training material

Inexpensive and quick implementation of content marketing strategies for multiple target audiences

Immediate update of multiple social media accounts and web sites

Mass email blasts

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 Efficient and functional workflows

Infoasset allows you to easily create roles and workflows by department or area of responsibility. All archived material is available for creating new personalized content and the whole process can be monitored in real time


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