Cyprus News Agency selects newsasset platform

Cyprus News Agency (CNA) launched its new integrated news management system, as well as its new website, supported by the newsasset platform. The President of the Republic of Cyprus acknowledged the project’s successful completion and its benefits. In fact, Mr.Nikos Anastasiades mentioned that ‘the integration of this innovative news management system will contribute to comprehensive news coverage, will improve the Agency’s website aesthetic and will provide an audiovisual upgrade, while at the same time will increase CNA’s reach both in Cyprus and abroad’.

At the same time, the President of the House of Representatives in Cyprus, Ms. Annita Dimitriou stressed the significance of CNA’s technological upgrade as a critical factor for fulfilling its role in today’s news industry, so that ‘it will be a major news portal for Cyprus and abroad, and consequently for the citizens of the Republic’.

Newsasset platform is the integrated system for creating and managing news content developed by Athens Technology Center (ATC) and is being trusted by major agencies in Greece and abroad, such as the Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency (ANA-MPA), the one of Malaysia (Bernama), of Tunisia (TAP), of Poland (PAP), of Vietnam (VNA) and the Portuguese (LUSA).

Through this collaboration, CNA can now cover its day-to-day news management and editorial activities, as well as its commercial exploitation through subscription services. In specific, by selecting newsasset, the Agency can now support its news management and distribution process as a whole, while at the same time streamlining all internal workflows.

CNA’s new, unified and technologically upgraded infrastructure includes its renewed website, designed and developed by the specialized staff of ATC. It is worth pointing out that the transition process from the previous systems was perfectly smooth, in order to ensure the Agency’s daily operational stability.

According to Mr. Iosif Iosif, Chairman of the Board at CNA, this moment is ‘historic’ for the Agency, as ‘after months of hard work, a timeless goal has been achieved, CNA’s complete upgrade. We feel very proud to deliver an Agency equal to the international developed agencies, which can provide a lot to Cyprus, in our effort to achieve a global news coverage.’