Create once and broadcast to any channel

With newsasset Broadcasting Edition, all radio and TV stations can integrate their news production workflows with print, web, mobile and tablet publishing, actually incorporating all their operations.



Create daily news programs according to customizable prototypes and schedule templates 

TV and radio station programs are displayed on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. It is an open system, allowing multiple broadcasting channels, interfacing easily with existing 3rd party autocue and newsroom systems (MOS protocol). 

Cost effective platform

Designed to support common functionalities across many news-broadcasting organizations, newsasset Broadcasting edition creates a system with broad market appeal, resulting in significant cost savings to each customer. 



Improved time to broadcast operational efficiency

Newsasset Broadcasting edition greatly improves time to broadcast operational efficiencies and cross department workflow compatibilities, saving organizations time & money, since it’s equipped with all the necessary tools for the integration of news production and workflow management, and with access to a common production database. 

Stand alone or converged

Newsasset Broadcasting Edition is available as a standalone product for radio & TV networks, but adding this powerful tool to newsasset Publishing or Agency platforms, takes newsroom convergence to a higher level. 

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