Find content from a variety of sources. Bring everything together in one place: a Truly Media collection.


Verify, in real time. Exploit the most effective internal and third party verification tools and take well-informed decisions.

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Organize your content and share your findings in real time with colleagues anywhere in the world, across time zones and organizational barriers.

I use Truly Media because it embeds all the verification tools you need into a unified verification checklist for each item. It's a great and really useful tool.
Deutsche Welle, Editor at the DW Social Media desk - Conor Dillon
Truly Media allow us to verify digital media items collaboratively. This is particularly useful for us, as we operate across different time zones, organisations and geographic regions.
Amnesty International, Manager, Digital Verification Corps - Sam Dubberley
We used Truly Media to verify eyewitness content following the latest trends in technology. This helped us standardise and document all our verification efforts in a harmonised way across editorial departments.
BR, Head of Social Listening and Verification - Mr. Stefan Primbs
Truly Media helped us to better coordinate our team efforts around verification. It thereby improved transparency along the workflow, for all teams involved.
dpa, Head of the verification team - Mr. Stefan Voss
Available either as a standalone product or as an add on to newsasset platform

Truly Media will help you collaboratively and easily assess the accuracy of digital content distributed and shared via various means and networks

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