Newsasset Agency has been exclusively developed for news agencies

An innovative, end-to-end multimedia digital asset management and distribution system that covers all areas of multi-channel news aggregation and distribution. A fully integrated & user-friendly environment that caters all agency needs from planning through creating, gathering and selecting, editing to producing, distributing and archiving.


Unique, modular and configurable solution

It allows agencies to fully automate all their processes while offering powerful digital asset management tools that can help them monetize their assets and boost profitability.

Extreme levels of simplicity for all users

A web based interface enables system access from a standard web browser. Moreover, dynamic reports and statistics are easily generated per user, role or business unit for the creation, hold period, storage, delivery and traffic of news assets.



A modern software product

Based on the latest news industry standards and mature technology platforms, its open architecture and robust features allow improved performance of news organizations in diverse areas. 

Crash-tested in an Olympic Games environment

Employing state-of-the-art technology, Newsasset is based on an open architecture and complies fully with media industry standards.

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