Infoasset revolutionalizes information management

A set of focused tools that allow content aggregation, digital asset management (incl.automated thematical grouping) and multichannel content distribution, creating a comprehensive, secure environment for the storage, management and delivery of "sensitive" information. An ideal solution for press office or marketing teams and PR agencies, HR/internal communications departments and even Business Development executives!



When information is your most important asset!

Infoasset supports all organizations who own, create and share content, either to its internal or external environment. You can now easily gather, store, manage, route, track, retrieve and distribute any type of multimedia content, either to the internal or external environment of your organization, always safely and on time!

No need for different systems for each corporate function

Infoasset is an all-in-one integrated platform to meet multiple needs such as media & brand monitoring, corporate publishing and of course, information distribution within and outside the organization, from reports and alerts, to press releases and newsletters.



Ideal for PR agencies or marketing divisions

Media or brand monitoring process is fully supported, either for a single organization or on behalf of several clients,incl. checking word-of mouth upon a specific issue.
Moreover, agencies are empowered while selecting the on-brief and on-budget slide, even when exploiting previously submitted proposals or checking possible conflicts with other campaigns.

Efficient and functional workflows for managing internal processes

Infoasset allows you to easily distinguish roles and workflows by department or sector responsibility in order to exploit all archived material for creating new personalized content while monitoring the whole process in real time; from the task assignment to final approval and up to distributing different content versions depending on the selected audience (clients, employees etc) or distribution channel (form, email, social media, etc.) with just one click!

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