Powerfull Digital Asset Management tools for publishers and news agencies

In an industry where news is the actual asset, editorial teams need to spend as less time as possible when  in need to search or re-using existing digital assets. Our specialized Digital Asset Management module allows media organizations to easily locate and exploit archived material, link associate objects along with categorizing and storing new content.

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Advanced fuctionality

Our digital asset management tools constitute an innovation in the management of large file volumes, providing advanced functionality for storing, searching and tagging of multimedia assets (like graphics, text, image, video, and audio files) whether user-generated, web accrued, or wired.

So, instead of having all your digital treasure dispersed in different locations, chose to centralize it in an integrated and secure electronic environment. The system contains an easy to use, flexible and smart query builder along with consolidated system filters to support effective user collaboration and shorten production time. Users can also define filter specific notifications

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